file New Home Theater - Stick with SS3Cs for Surround?

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HuskyDog Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago

I moved to a house that has a modest home theater setup. I have brought with me a pair of Triton 2's, a SuperCenter XXL and four SuperSat 3Cs. Currently the house has a 5.0 setup using PSB in wall speakers. The grills can be seen in the picture.

My current setup, as seen in the picture, is using all the PSB speakers and the four SS3Cs at Atmos speakers. I did that just as a proof of concept to hear Atmos for the first time.

I am going to tear out the entire ceiling so that I can properly insulate, wire and install in-ceiling speakers. Since I need to upgrade the projector and screen, I am on a bit of a budget. My goal is to build out a 7.2.6 system. I would like to go with 6 Invisa 600 speakers in the ceiling.

Options 1 is to move the SS3Cs will move to the side walls as surrounds and rears. The problem is that the room is narrow and mounting them on the wall at ear level will make it not-so-easy to walk past without rubbing up against the ones on the left. So they would have to be mounted about as high as the current PSB speakers on the left and right walls.

Option 2 would be to get four more Invisa 600s and put them in the wall, at ear level. Then I guess I would sell the four SS3Cs.

Option 3 would be to cut out the dry wall at ear level and create a bit of an insert for the SuperSat 3Cs and them cover it with speaker cloth.

My concern with option 1 is that the SS3Cs may be too close to the ceiling and not be as discrete from the Atmos overhead speakers.

My concern with option 2 is the cost... And then what to do with the SuperSat 3Cs.

My concern with option 3 is that building a little insert in the wall for the SuperSat 3Cs may look bad and may sound worse being some what confined.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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Moderator Posted 1 month 2 weeks ago
Hi HuskyDog, I would be inclined to work with option #1. I would continue to use the SuperSat 3Cs as your side and rear surrounds. However, there really wouldn't be a problem with mounting these SuperSat 3Cs fairly high on the wall (6 feet or so above the floor) and angling them downward. Placing your surround speakers fairly high on your wall surface would help them to create a sense of spaciousness around the listeners. Happy Listening!

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