question-circle Mounting an Atmos speaker on a GoldenEar Triton II

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odedia Posted 4 months 2 weeks ago
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Is there a way to mount a wall-firing Atmos speakers on the GoldenEar Triton II? I'd like to avoid any additional installations on drywall and just place speakers on the floorstanding speakers themselves, similar to how it's done in this video (At 3 minutes 25 seconds in):

However, the Tritons are curved so this seems quite problematic. Also, I don't see any offering from GoldenEar for non-wall/ceiling setup.

Any ideas would be welcomed.

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GDHAL Posted 4 months 2 weeks ago
I thought of something similar. Namely installing a "bat tweeter" on top of my TRefs. I gave up on the idea, primarily for the reasons (shape being the paramount one) you mention.

Also, in your case, even if you did successful mount Atmos on top of the T2, there could conceivably be some degree of sonic compromise. For one, it could somewhat undermine the idea behind the d'appolito array. Also, the Triton cabinets are not *completely* inert. There is some vibration, especially at high volume. That could cause additional resonance issues by virtue of having Atmos in contact with the T2 cabinet, and some of those resonances can bleed into the Atmos, as you would essentially by coupling the two speakers together instead of decoupling.


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Moderator Posted 4 months 2 weeks ago
Hi odedia, I'm not aware of a good option that would allow you to place Atmos speakers on top of a pair of Triton Two towers. Beside the physical challenges of placing an upward firing speaker on top of the angled top cap of the Triton Two tower, the Atmos effect would be somewhat limited. Placing a speaker on top of tower and aiming it toward the ceiling - in order to to create sound "from above the listeners" or an Atmos effect - has its limitations -(or only works so well).

You might consider using a set of SuperSat 3s as your Atmos speakers - and mounting them high on the front wall (or side walls) of your listening room. This way, we'll have a greater sensation of "sound being produced from above the listeners". Happy Listening!

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