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anthem Posted 1 week 15 hours ago

rjohn79395 wrote: OK, gang

Still sorting out PC feed choices, and yes letting changes settle in makes a difference.

First, still love the Nordost Heimdall 2 on the Marantz/DAC.

Been playing with Nordost Blue Heaven vs recently re purchased Audience Forte F3 on the Oppo105... yes, Wayne has my prior Audience, insisted on buying it! :)

SO, here is what is I hear so far with the Oppo feed to the Marantz:

Nordost Blue Heaven just kills symphony stuff, but other feeds have a slight bright edge. Audience takes the bright edge off everything else, but for multi instrument pieces, just love the Nordost.

What to do?
Haven’t decided yet.

All I can say is that PC’s do change SQ for the better: cleaner, more dynamic.

And what would the Nordost Heimdall 2 do on the Oppo? Just thinking....


Rick: Did you ever try the Nordost Heimdall 2 on your Oppo? There is a lot of reading on this particular thread, and never got a clear cut answer. I've gotten good synergy with a Audience Forte on my Oppo 205 and a Anticable on the Primaluna Preamp. But when using the Cambridge Audio Azur 840C cd it prefers an Anticable pc and the Audience Forte on the Primaluna. Different equipment combos makes for different pc synergy. Last time i heard you liked the Nordost Heimdall 2 on your Marantz Processor...let us know if it's a Winner on the Oppo. Will it do Saxophone? Will it do trumpet? Does it have upper octave brightness like the Anticable has on the Oppo?

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rjohn79395 Posted 1 week 14 hours ago
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Hey Anthem

Great questions! Not so sure the answers are simple though.

I think you hit the nail on the head, that different gear, with different electronics, responds differently to the same power cords. Our audio hobby is not replete with simple answers. :(

When I had T1's as fronts, I had AntiCable Reference 3's on both the Marantz and the Oppo and was very happy. When I installed the T Ref's the sound got kind of hard, maybe bright for my listening tastes, I guess because the Ref's were even more revealing. Started playing with Nordost PC's, first the Blue Heaven on the Marantz. Really liked how the sound got smoother, more natural, less harsh. Then got the pricier Heimdall 2 for the Marantz because that's where the DAC resides for most of what I play. Another jump up in sound quality. Replaced the Forte F3 on the Oppo (which had replaced the AntiCable) with the Blue Heaven moved from the Marantz, and really loved the combo. Sweet, natural.

I haven't tried the Heimdall on the Oppo because taking it off the Marantz would muddy the comparison. If I had two Heimdall's to plug into both the Oppo and the Marantz, I'll bet that would be another jump up. The Heimdall IS better than the Blue Heaven.

My opinion still is that the Nordost Heimdall 2 is the best PC I have had, period. I think about getting another for the Oppo. Maybe should be on my Christmas list. :)

Hope that helps.

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