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ArthurDaniels Posted 4 years 8 months ago
I have a complex AV system, containing 3 different AV Receivers and a number of playback devices. I have investigated the options and limitations related to how these Receivers handle both incoming and outgoing HDMI, Digital, Optical, and Analog signals. I am posting the following findings for reference for other folks who might desire to utilize multiple receivers.

1. AV Receivers made within the last few years do not provide any Optical or Coaxial Digital Audio Outputs. This limitation is related to industry piracy concerns.

2. The HDMI Output from any AV Receiver cannot be used to provide signal Inputs to another AV Receiver. Internal circuitry shuts down the signal path when and HDMI Output from Receiver 1 is connected to an HDMI Input on Receiver 2 - again due to signal piracy concerns.

3. Some older AV Receivers do have digital signal outputs - usually Optical, but possibly Coaxial. Digital signals from these outputs can be sent to a digital input on another AV Receiver, old or new.

4. Regardless of the age and capabilities of the AV Receiver, input digital signals are processed within the receiver and sent to the speaker terminals. These digital signals are not present at any of the receiver's analog outputs. This limitation applies equally to HDMI, Optical, or Coaxial digital signal inputs.

5. Audio signals from other devices, such as CD players, etc., are not converted to digital format within an AV Receiver and, thus, cannot be sent to that Receiver's digital outputs (if any).

Fundamentally, it can be said that analog signals may be sent along as analog signals and digital signals may be sent along (if possible) as digital signals, but the two signal types cannot be "mixed" for transport between AV Receivers. Therefore, in order to cascade audio signals between AV Receivers, the entire signal path, from device to device must be analog (RCA connectors).

Comments are welcome.

Regards to all,

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