file HVFR tweeters upgrade for Def Tech speakers?

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Greg Hanson Posted 4 years 1 month ago
Baton Rouge is 90 minutes away from Alterman Audio in NOLA, and now I'm even more apprehensive about going down for an audition, the last time I visited Alterman's store here in B.R. , I left with a pair of BP7001's ! The T2+ could be a great start indeed, but I think I would rather find a pair of T1's used, or even step up for new pair. I'm curious about mixing the Tritons up front, with DT's bipolar speakers completing the surround set up. any users out there with feedback ?
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T Cobe Posted 4 years 1 month ago
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Going for the T1s right up front is not a bad way to go. Finding a used pair may be tricky but they do occasionally pop up. I'm sure once GET comes out with a T1+ or a higher level model, there will be more T1s on the market. It seemed like a lot more T2s went up for sale when the T2+ was released. :)

Certainly, you could use whatever you want for additional speakers. I used my Paradigm Monitor series surrounds for a while as I built my system but I will say that having a full set of GET speakers all the way around is amazing. The surround field they create is worth the investment in the long run.

It seems like you've already got quite a system built with your amps and cables, so switching speakers should be a bit of plug and play. It may be good to take your cables with you when you audition the GET speakers so you may be able to hear, as close as possible, how the speakers may sound in your home.


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