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rjohn79395 Posted 3 years 7 months ago
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I just got two Audioquest Jitterbug USB Data and Power Noise filters (less than $50 each on Amazon). I read a number of reviews stating they clean up and improve SQ in a variety of applications, including using with series with the Dragonfly DAC/amps, and for streaming applications.

I've been playing around with one attached to my Dragonfly Red, and the pther in an open USB port on my router, which is used for streaming music via Sonos to the GEt's.

First, in series with the Dragonfly feeding the headphones from either the laptop or the iphone: guitar plucking just got cleaner, string vibration sounds more defined, deep bass cleaner, SQ in general more "natural". I'm impressed!

With the second Jitterbug plugged into a USB port on the router, streamed music to the GEt's also got some cleaner, more detailed, although not as much as the effect on the headphones. I would guess that's because the GEt system already has lot of noise reduction capability, including a Furman power conditioner, three Anti-Cable power cords, two Shunyata Venom 3 power cords, etc. But, still, some improvement.

In general, the effect is most like, for me, installing an Anti-Cable power cord on a source... things just get more natural, clean, detailed.

Not bad for $50 each! A recommended try for anyone streaming music or feeding heaphones!

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