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LOCAL PICKUP ONLY at Saint Cloud, FL (near Kissimmee and Orlando). (Price is firm. All sales final.) PRICED TO SELL!!! Don't miss out! From...
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LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in Saint Cloud, FL (near Kissimmee and Orlando). (Price is firm. All sales final.) PRICED TO SELL!!! Don't miss out! Asking...
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Excellent condition, no scratches or marks. Bought from authorized dealer about 6 years ago. Was center of Av system, with Aon 3s and super sub, but...'s Avatar
I'm about to upgrade from T-1s to T-refs. Have any readers done this, and were you satisfied with the improvement? I'd be selling the T-1s, possibly on consignment.
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Hello everyone, I am a brand new member and just trying this for the first time. I am now putting my pair of Triton Ones.R for sale. These were...
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Looking for a pair of used BRXs
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Hello ! I decided to sell my t-ref The speakers is like new about 8 months Old I am the original owner and do have all the packaging materials I...
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file Goldenear Triton 7's
I have pair of Goldenear Triton 3 and a pair of 7's for sale. Triton 7 are in great condition. $550 SOLD - Also have a m&k MX125m2 subwoofer -...
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I have a pair of Triton 3 speakers that are in mint condition. I rate them a 9.5 to 10. And, I do have the original boxes and manual. These speakers...'s Avatar
These speakers are sold. Thanks for everyone's interest! Greetings, I am selling our GoldenEar Triton One.R's. I've had them since April 2020, I am...
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The owner of the store approached me first if I was interested but I just bought a 2nd pair of 2s from Animesh. I am passing along this info for...
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I have a pair Triton 7s for sale I rate them 8/10 [Audiogone scale] .No boxes can't ship them local pick only . Make a reasonable offer .
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pair of Invisa HTR 7000. they are in great condition. Let me know if you have any questions. Looking to get $700 for them.
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I love the two speakers so much that I am thinking of making the leap to the reference of each. These speakers are in excellent shape. I can send...
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SOLD - Triton 2's and XL Center in Northern VA pick up only. Will add pic's soon. looking to get $1950
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Hi, I am looking for Triton Reference pair and Super Center XXL preferably for pickup in tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT). Thanks,
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Very nice speakers in real nice shape
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SOLD Speakers GoldenEar Triton 2 (pair) - $1600 GoldenEar SuperCenter XL - $650 These are absolutely fantastic full sounding tower speakers. If you...
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I'm selling my pair of Triton Two towers. I have the original boxes and they were purchased at an authorized dealer. $1200 I'm located in Watertown,...
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file SOLD! Triton Twos
Pair of Triton Twos in excellent condition for sale, purchased new from authorized dealer, sound amazing. All original shipping cartons,...
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