file What are YOUR Top 10 favorite 'live' albums?

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anthem Posted 8 years 11 months ago
Wayne with all these CD etc. suggestions I hope you don't become a "live one".
Live one - a person who spends money readily...smiles
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Every great performance deserves an Audience!
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dave@get Posted 8 years 11 months ago
You have some very nice selections in here, Wayne!

WayneWilmeth wrote: OK, Dave, I am taking a few liberties here.
Live to me means being there. And next to that, I prefer video concerts, where I can see and hear the players.
So, in no particular order, these are awesome DVD concerts, most available in Blu-ray:
Leonard Cohen--Songs from the Road
David Gilmour--David Gilmour in Concert
R.E.M.--Perfect Square 2004
Counting Crows--August and Everything After-Live at Town Hall
Roy Orbison--Black and White Night
Santana--Supernatural Live
The Black Crowes--Warpaint Live
Crossroads--Eric Clapton Guitar Festival 2010
Eric Clapton--One more car, one more rider
U2--Elevation, Live in Boston 2001
ZZ Top--Live from Texas
Fleetwood Mac--The Dance
K. D. Lang--Live in London

Is that 10 yet Dave?
Then I won't mention Los Lonely Boys, or Dierks Bentley or the Rolling Stones
Enjoy folks,
Thanks Dave to cut me some slack here,

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