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MOBrien Posted 8 years 4 months ago
If you are ripping a DVD or a Blu-ray to your computer the Any DVD HD software does remove region codes, according to their web site.

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Sloppy Posted 8 years 4 months ago
I'm glad you have had a fantastic experience with your HTPC so far MOBrien. It gives me more initiative to research a little more and decide what the next step I should take for my situation. Once I add a blu ray burner to my PC I will be trying out the free trials of JRiver and AnyDVD HD. Can't wait for that.

The contributors on this forum really provide great information, especially for someone like me who does not know that much.

One thing I do know is I love the sound of my AONS and supercenter XL and really want to get the most out of them.

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kjhkjh123 Posted 7 years 6 months ago
I want to add some thoughts and also give my opinoin on why I avoid some of the issues and questions raised.

16 months ago I went down the path to rip all my music to a media server and like Mobrien I selected JRIVER Media player as the media server software. After the enjoyment of rebuilding the computer I then embarked on a month long project to rip all my music to FLAC. Essentially I got a do it yourself REQUEST system for a lot less and I got to be a nerd and build the computer the way I wanted. In addition to music I also have access to my digital picture collection and home movie collection. I however have decided to not even bother with ripping all my movies to the server because unlike music which you can go from listening to albums at a time or bouncing around between various artists, for movies you select a movie throw it in the player and sit down for 90 minutes to 2 hours of enjoyment. Besides the time the get through the BS of previews and other stuff is time to hit the bathroom, get a drink/snack and get comfortable. I got Cat 6 wire all over my house so that is how my media server is connected and I let the OPPO 103 convert. I could use the Sony 5700ES but the Oppo works so much better in my opinion.

The JRIVER media center has an android app called Gizmo that lets me use a table or cell phone as the remote control that sends the music to the music systems. I have recently been using it on my main system with the Triton 2's and my wife is also using the media center to listen to different music upstairs in the bedroom. Doesn't always work too well because the T2's generally overpower every other sound in the house.
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