file Anybody playing or heard the Krell Foundation?

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WayneWilmeth Posted 7 years 11 months ago
Hey Bro Anthem,
Still waiting for you to send me your Anthem processor to try first.
Dream, yes, but I have pretty well put it on hold and will likely take it off my list.
All the forum stuff about the Foundation has 90% been about problems users have had. That does not inspire confidence. And at that price, NAH.
AND although everyone seems to say that the newer Krell stuff is NOT harsh and bright and sizzly, when I went for a demo in S'pore they did not let me hear the Foundation, but did give a demo of their "best" Krell sound, which nearly drove me outta the shop. Horribly all of the above. The opposite of tube magic.
So, for now, I am assuming the Foundation is not for me.
The TWO THINGS I heard about the Foundation that I really wanted was:
They had gotten rid of the breaks when switching between HDMI sources. Well, I would still like this VERY MUCH!!! Patience Grasshopper.
The second is what reviewers described as a wonderful seamless all around surround envelop. I have pretty much gotten this by moving the T3s into the surround position in my home theater and putting T7s in the rear surrounds. With the FF5 sub in the back middle.
I need to tweak it further and could use some room correction in the bass or mid bass areas for sure, but I am getting there.
To answer your question, NO the SC-X has not made it to Thailand yet that I know of. I will try it when it does. My center channel now does not suck, so I am not expecting much, hopefully just a touch more sameness of house sound across the front.
I am sure my Marantz processor is the weak link now, but I have already worked a couple of months past retirement time to pay for all these glorious speakers, I am not sure it would be worth it to work more to get a better surround pre-pro.
May have to enjoy what I have for the rest of my days.
Thanks for your interest, IF you made it this far,
all the best,
God Bless,
God bless the child that's got his own.
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