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ArthurDaniels Posted 4 years 6 months ago
Here's a little tidbit I have discovered while experimenting with my audio gear:

When the audio sound source is monaural, multi-channel sound processors such as Dolby and NEO will not provide surround-sound channel sound. It appears that Dolby and NEO (and perhaps other surround-sound processors as well) must have a stereo signal to decode in order to create the surround-sound signals for the surround channels. None of the literature I have read thus far, including information on the Dolby website, specifically addresses processing of monaural sound sources. However, these articles repeatedly state that stereo signals are the basis for this decoding.

However, I have also discovered that the custom sound fields provided by various manufacturers in their AV Receivers (Orchestra, Jazz Club, Rock Club, Arena, Game, etc.) will generally handle a monaural signal and provide some sort of surround-sound experience. In fact, some of the receivers with which I have experience have a Mono Movie sound processing mode.

This discovery is of particular importance to me because I have a number of monaural recordings which I enjoy due to the excellent performances. Some of these recordings have come to me by way of CDs or musical downloads, while others are the result of LPs from my collection which I have transferred to FLAC files. When I listen to these recordings, I switch the multi-channel portion of my music system to either a custom sound field or I just ignore the lack of surround sound.

One possible resolution would be for me to find a convenient way to "re-channel" these 2-channel mono FLAC files into some sort of two-channel simulated stereo flies - or, more interestingly, find a way to add whatever flags are needed in order for Dolby or NEO to decode these files

Comments or suggestions?

Happy Listening,

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