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ArthurDaniels Posted 3 years 5 months ago
Hello All,

We are into our third week in our new digs in Northeast Raleigh. We are slowly putting our lives back together as we unpack boxes and make decisions about what to do with our stuff. Our living room is in decent shape and, of course, our Bonus Room is providing for our daily AV needs.

I am continuing to experiment with speaker placements and audio connections. I have dismantled the front "wall of sound". I have moved my Triton Sevens to the sides of the room parallel with my PLP. I have moved my Triton Ones closer together to approach the "equilateral triangle". I am driving my Ones with my Cambridge Stereo Amp and my Sevens with my Cambridge AV Receiver (connected as Fronts). With this arrangement, I can independently vary the volume levels of the Ones and Sevens to effectively narrow or widen the sound field.

I have connected my TV sound to the Stereo] Amp via an optical cable routed from the TV to my Peachtree DAC, then L/R audio from the DAC to the amp. Not true surround sound, but much improved two-channel over the TV speakers..

I am continuing to enjoy the lively sound I experience in my Bonus Room. My latest speaker arrangement fills the room with music and creates the impression of sitting just in front of and in the center of the orchestra (my version of the maestro's podium).

Happy Fathers Day and Happy Listening to all,

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