question-circle Looking for help redesigning an existing home theater room

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HuskyDog Posted 1 year 2 months ago
I currently own a pair of Triton 2s, SuperCenter XXL, and four SuperSat 3Cs for surround. I have a 15" Hsu for a sub.

I recently moved to a house that has a dedicated home theater room. It has in wall PSB speakers now, which I am using until I can come up with a better layout for a nicer projector, nicer screen and for my GoldenEars.

The room is room is not quite rectangular. It is approximately 13' wide, 8.5' tall and 25'+ feet deep. Will most of the room is 8.5' tall, there is a 3' section where the screen and speakers will go that is only 7.5' tall since the previous owner drywalled around an HVAC duct. Thus limiting how high on the wall I can really go with the screen. Currently there is 100" screen.

I made some cardboard boxes to represent the Triton 2s, XXL and Hsu. With the screen the way it is now, it looks very cluttered. Not only that, I feel that I may not be able to get a bigger screen, say 120" because it may be too wide and push the Triton 2s closer to the side walls than I would want.

Plus I feel that I would almost need to mount the SuperCenter above the screen so that the 2nd of two rows could hear the center channel. Putting below the screen seems too low.

If anyone has any design / layout advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.
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rjohn79395 Posted 1 year 2 months ago
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Hi HuskyDog

Good questions. Some thoughts:

First, re screen size. The 100'' screen has a width of about 87", so would take up a little more than 7' of horizontal wall space in your 13' front wall, less than 3' per side for T2 placement. That would would work I think just fine. Going to a 120" screen leaves a bit more than 2' per side for speakers, kind of tight for speaker placement. I think the 100' screen may be optimum for the room.

With a 100" screen height of a little over 2', depending on how high you want to mount it, given that the ceiling height at the mounting point is 7.5', and typical listening position ear height is usually around than 4', + or - , you have some latitude on mounting height for the screen and still place the XXL under the screen at ear height. For instance, you could mount the screen 1.5' or so under the top of the wall, and have about 4' f above the floor for placing of the XXL. Or place the screen a bit higher on the wall if you want to be sure to have good center speaker coverage in the second row.

If you want even more latitude on height to place the screen, there are acoustically transparent screen options that would let you place the XXL at optimum height of your choice behind the screen if you mount some forward from the wall. Or for that matter, going to a larger screen and placing both fronts and center in back.

Hope this helps a bit.

Happy listening!

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