file Does Anyone Have an AT Screen with Tritions Behind It?

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HuskyDog Posted 9 months 1 week ago
I have decided to go with an AT (acoustically transparent) screen for my home theater. I have been doing research in general about AT screens and I realize that they do not let all of the sound come through. I think some frequencies are lowered by about 3dB.

I also noticed that I have not seen one home theater with GEs. I have not looked into what the speakers are. There are many. But it got me thinking, even though I loved my Triton 2s paired with my SuperCenter XXL in the man cave at the previous house where I had a 65" TV and the speakers had a modest amount of room to do their thing. Are GEs with their awesome ribbon tweeter and overall design built to be veiled behind a screen?

Does anyone have any experience with GEs and AT screens?


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GDHAL Posted 9 months 5 days ago
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I have no personal experience with AT screens, however, there was a point in time years ago where I did do some research into them as I was considering one myself. I'm of the opinion that if you get a good quality screen (which can be hard to do and they can run into bucks) you will have no issues whatsoever. I guess the moral and what I'm trying to say here is if you buy something of good quality to better than good quality the screen will have minimal impact on your overall decibel output. Nothing you couldn't remedy by just cranking the volume a little bit more.

Also, similarly speaking, all of the tritons are covered by an acoustically transparent cloth (could be considered "screen" I suppose) of their own which covers the front grill, and there is no detrimental effect in having the cloth over the grill. In fact , at one point Sandy had mentioned that the cloth covering over the triton grill contributes (positively) to the damping factor of the speaker.

Best of luck to you. :)
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