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OK guys, I am getting there, slowly, OK, VERY SLOWLY, but hopefully surely. I will stretch this out as it comes together, but here is the outside....
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On Jan 20 an awesome conductor, Claudio Abbado, passed away. I just read about it. Rest in Peace!!!! Thanks for the music and energy!!!!!...
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Fellow GoldenEar Dudes, since we are probably all joined by at least one thing, the love of music, Anthem and Dave@get and SanthoshEapen over on the...
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OK, here's your chance to lay it on the line. What are your most revered "desert island" 'live' albums of all time? Can be any genre, but here are...
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I have formed a theory about this forum. Based on the distinct LACK of Participation. There are 3 kinds of people in the world: Them that have...
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