file Triton Two+ a little bright?

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MTB Posted 4 years 4 months ago
Have a new pair of Triton 2+ -- very happy so far, but they sometimes sound just a bit bright to borderline harsh to my ear... more so than I recalled from my demo. I'm not sure if the issue is placement/room, upstream gear, break-in time, the recordings themselves, or something else.

Main source is an Oppo universal player UDP203 used as a CD player (not using HDMI; simply FL/FR) for now, routed through a decent-but-dated two channel Parasound preamp/amp. Audioquest cables. Room is roughly 20 x 16 and is carpeted with sofa and large fabric chair/ottoman. New home; walls are pretty much bare for now in this room. Speakers are placed backing the longer wall, probably 18'' from back wall and a good 6 feet from side walls. I plan to experiment a little more with placement and toe-in, and I will soon replace the Parasound with an AV amp (undecided brand, perhaps Anthem) and add center and a couple of Aons. Anyone else found theirs to be a bit brighter than expected?
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Moderator Posted 4 years 4 months ago
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Probably a combination of things. Start by moving the speakers within 3 feet of the side walls so they are six feet total further apart and toe them in towards the center. Play with bass level control settings on the speakers to get correct bass balance in the room at your listening seat.

Make sure the speaker settings in your Oppo are correct (Large/Full Range fronts and NO for all other channels).

The speakers have very wide dispersion which means they will have lots of reflected energy from bare walls. Put up some pictures or rugs or anything to diffuse the sound a bit. If it is the room, your voice should sound bright in the room as well.

The speakers will warm up as they break in (about 60-100 hours playing time). The Parasound electronics are not likely the issue. As others will chime in, the Tritons are not bright, they are silky smooth.
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WayneWilmeth Posted 4 years 4 months ago
Hi MTB and be welcome here!!!!
Congratulations on getting some awesome speakers, and as the Moderator Dude said, they should and will sound fantastic!!!!
But you may need to tweak a little to get there. He gave great suggestions, you have to break them in and that new room!!!
Perhaps it might be worth thinking about what speakers you replaced with the T2+s as they might have been deficient in the high treble, resolution area???
I had the T 2s not pluses, and they needed silver cables to bring out the highs. They were not bright at all. Now I have the Triton Ones, and I found that they are soooo revealing, have such great resolution and are soooo clean and clear in the high treble that harsh recordings did sound harsh to me. Digital glare came through like never before, and since there is so much of it around on poor CDs, I decided to tame it with better cables. I removed my silver speaker cables and replaced them with warmer MIT cables.
Eureka, now it is perfect.
So don't be afraid to experiment and look for ways to make things sound perfect. Poor speakers will NEVER sound great, but the Tritons will.
Enjoy the music,
Hope this helps, God Bless,
God bless the child that's got his own.
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