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rjohn79395 Posted 3 years 5 months ago
Just had a "burp" with the amp on one of my 3 year old T1's. Static that wouldn't go away. The fix was so simple!!!

Both Goldenear (Moderator Dude PM's) and my dealer, Audio Systems, were totally supportive. Wow. It was so easy to get replacement parts!

Stuart, from Audio systems, came out and replaced the parts, and everything works great again. Just like that, no charge.

Never experienced such an amazing support system before! Goldenear's products and support are first class! And their local Austin dealer, Audio Systems, is first class also! This is top of the line support!!!!! Thank you all!! I hope you know what a great example you are for how businesses and dealers OUGHT to bring products and services to market! I'm hooked, for life, with both the products and the commitment to support them and help me when I need help. Can't ask for more.

SO glad I found Goldenear and their Austin dealer!!!!!!


Going to post something about my Goldenear journey soon. What a joy those products have brought to my life!
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ArthurDaniels Posted 3 years 5 months ago
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Glad to read that you are back on line, with a minimum of difficulty and delay. Comforting to learn about outstanding GE and dealer support. My Ones dealer is 230 miles away, so I hope that I don't need his assistance.

It seems to be a bit rare these days to find really dedicated support. Kudos to your dealer and to GE.

Your experience mirrors the kind or support experience I have received over the years from Crutchfield - which is why I always check with them first whenever i want to acquire a new piece of electronics. I have always gotten service "over and above" from Crutchfield.

It would be neat if Crutchfield carried GE equipment, but I would suspect that, being an on-line-only business probably removes Crutchfield from consideration as a GE dealer.

More happy listening, Rick,

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