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I took delivery of a new pair of Triton Ones yesterday morning. They were playing less than an hour when the right speaker got muffled and very...
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Hello all: I have dedicated room which is almost perfectly cube shaped: 12 X 11.5 X 12. This is the only room I can use for a dedicated music room. I...
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Just purchased the supercenter xl and was wondering if i should acoustically treat the 1st reflection in the ceiling?
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I am installing a speaker set up in my living room and think I have finally figured it out but I would like another opinion. I have a 60 inch...
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Hi does anyone know when deciding between 80HZ or 100HZ on the crossover what kinds of sounds are produced in this range of 80-100HZ. For instance if...
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Just bought the Triton 2's last week and was completely blown away with the sound however after about three days the top driver in one of them has...
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Hi, I've owned my Triton Twos for almost a full year now. Enjoying them but have been reading about spikes for the speakers. I was not aware that...
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Hi, I've posted in the past and read on a regular basis the new post, very interesting. I have a question concerning the interaction between a...
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