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fred1942 Posted 6 years 7 months ago

fred1942 wrote: Started about 3 1/2 years ago when my wife told me she would buy me an 80 inch TV for my birthday. I couldn't find a place to put it, so casually told her we should add a game room to our house. She agreed. Then I got into home theater and mentioned we should also add a dedicated theater. She agreed with that also. We ended up adding 2,000 sq ft to our house. Theater dimensions were designed around a 170 inch Carada screen. Ended up with 25 ft wide by 36 ft long. Has a tray ceiling in case I want to add a fiber optic star field. Equipment: Epson 6010 projector, Onkyo TX NR 5009 receiver, OPPO 103, Furman power conditioner with UPS, Goldenear Triton 2's, Super Sat 50's for surrounds, Super Sat XL for center, two rows of Seatcraft theater seats and two HSU subs. Got some DIY sound absorbers from GIK Acoustics for wall treatment.
A few months ago I got the itch to upgrade to Dolby Atmos. Bought wife some jewelry in Thailand and informed her of my plan on the way home. Replaced Onkyo with Marantz 8802A and got two Sunfire amps. Added four Invisa HTR 7000's for ceiling.
My wife's brother got up in my attic and ran the speaker wires for me. He is 120 lbs and agile as a noodle. Spent 8 hours yesterday installing the equipment and speakers. So, how does it sound? I only watched the Dolby Atmos demo disc, then listened to some SACD music. It sounds amazing! What a difference from my old system. The Goldenears really sing. Have to plan very carefully where to cut the 9 inch holes in the ceiling. Have to work around joists and electrical wires, yet place the speakers where Dolby recommends for Atmos. I got lucky. Stud finder was helpful. Getting up in the attic for me at my old age was not an option. Marantz was the simplest I have ever done. The Sunfires get no warmer than room temperature and are light in comparison to other amps. Would like to share some pictures if anyone can figure out how to do it.

Here is an update to this thread I started awhile back. I have watched some Atmos movies and very impressed with the sound. Guests have told me that my theater sound is way better than any commercial theater they have been to. I downloaded the firmware for DTS-X and have been experimenting with it versus Dolby Surround. It is OK, but Dolby beats it. Anyone live in or close to Tampa? If so, would like a professional visit to have someone evaluate my theater for acoustics.
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