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rjohn79395 Posted 1 year 3 months ago
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This is meant to be a glimpse into how one person found and appreciated GEt speakers. All inputs about personal journeys welcome.

I have my entire adult life been on a search for beautiful music, beautifully played,, fully, without harshness. That search has led me through any number of gear iterations,, including lots of variations and upgrades on car audio systems.

Can't stand harshness in the treble range. About 8 years ago, while mu wife was suggesting I get another sports car (maybe sensing my search for something new?), I happened upon an ad for the then new Triton 2's. Loved what I was reading, and then followed up with with reading reviews. Auditioned them. Was So impressed with what they added to familiar music. More detail, such musicality, gorgeous treble, and yes, the bass. Finally, gorgeous treble!!!! So started my initial foray into the GET world with T2 fronts, Superasat 50 center, Invisa 525 ceiling surrounds, and a pair of Invisa 525's for kitchen zone 2 music duty.

Fast forward through a number of iterations of GEt speaker combo's, AVR's, amps, and speaker cable/interconnect/power cord choices..... and every step along the way a sonic joy. And now, I sit here sometimes hardly believing the SQ that can just wash over ,e, once again give me goosebumps, turn tv shows, even music in ads into something glorious to listen to. I happened to tune into Sister Act 2 the other night. Couldn't believe the soaring beauty of the music! A so-so plot and movie perhaps, but the music the GEt's served up MOVED me, gave me goosebumps!

What's that goosebump factor worth? served up over and over? I don't know how to put a value on it. But I'll forever be thankful fir the day I happened to read an ad for this new company, Goldenear, and the amazing T2 that started my journey.

Am I an audiophile who plays music to hear my system, or a music lover who just plain loves what my system does to bring ALL of the beauty of the music to me, around me, in spades? I think the latter (maybe some of both?). I know I've searched for that place where there is no barrier, no filter, between the music and my ears. And, well, GEt speakers bring me there.

What about you?

Happy listening!

5.4.4 HT speakers: T Ref fronts/LFE 1, SuperCenter Ref, T1 surrounds/LFE 2, HTR 7000 top fronts, Invisa 525 top rears
Zone 2 speakers; 2 Invisa 525's
AVR: Marantz SR 7010
Amps: AT525NC 5 channel, Parasound 275 v.2 stereo
Cable/TiVo, OPPO BDP 105D, SONOS Connect
47" Panasonic 3D smart tv
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ArthurDaniels Posted 1 year 3 months ago
Hi Rick,

Nice write-up. I stumbled on to GE speakers when I auditioned a pair of SuperSat 3's in mid 2014. I bought them and placed them as fronts in my then-combination Movie/Music system. Since then, I have added a pair of Triton Sevens and a pair of Triton Ones.

Since hearing the SuperSats, I have not auditioned any other speakers - just "gone for the GEs" when ready to upgrade or add.

The sound of the GEs is musical. And, listening to music is my life passion. I have never been unhappy with my GE decision.

Now, I'm just looking forward to what my next GE foray might be......

Happy listening, indeed!

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charliehatch Posted 1 year 3 months ago

I've also had an iterative journey. I had pretty much abandoned stereo for a long time, then gradually started putting a system together with el cheapo Sony tower speakers and a Sony AV receiver with Radio Shack lamp cord speaker cables.

Then came B&W 683S2 speakers with better speaker cables. A big improvement!

Then a new amp and an Oppo 105. Another big step up.

Then I read a Stereophile review of the T1s, had a listen at a dealer, and bought them on the spot. Wow! Such transparency!

This whole process continued until I bought my TRefs, Bel Canto amps, and an Aurelic Vega DAC. Better interconnects and speaker cables, and now I'm at a level I couldn't have dreamed of: unbelievable clarity, transparency, mid and high sweetness, humongous bass, extremely detailed and subtle hall ambience, and super precise imaging. The whole package sounds just so REAL! It's just like being there.

Like you, I find it a joy to listen to streaming movies and even performances on You Tube videos, all of which take on another dimension. Every day it's a pleasure to turn the system on and listen.

2.0 System: Passport SSD USB > Oppo 105D digital out > Blue Jeans 1694A Digital Coax interconnect > Auralic Vega DAC > Audience Au24 SX RCA interconnects > Bel Canto e.One Ref600M monoblocks > Audience Au24 SX banana speaker cables > Triton References
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WayneWilmeth Posted 1 year 3 months ago
Well Bro Rick, you are the voice of the Love GoldenEar Tech speakers group, quoted once again on the FaceBook.
Good for you and good for them, I agree whole heatedly.
How could I not, I am surrounded by them, ha ha!!!!!!

To be on thread here, I have told this story here before, so will be brief. OK, nobody believes that.
I have loved music by way of Maggies and then Apogee speakers, ribbons or planars for decades. I am really sensitive to "boxy" coloration. Add to that the fact that I have almost never found a dome tweeter that did not sound annoying, unnatural and just plain unmusical. And I have heard some VERY expensive tweeters.
BUT being a bass head, my planar speakers never totally satisfied either, they lacked a LOT in the bass frequencies and were VERY hard to mate with a sub.
SO, a few years ago, when I heard the GoldenEar Tech High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter I was struck with how neutral and natural music sounded through it. And in the Triton Twos there were mids and bass playing beautifully as well with virtually no box sound.
I have since bought a whole home theater system and moved to the TOnes as my front speakers. They are capable of the magical transparency in the treble that I was used to with my planar/ribbon speakers but have the powerful midrange and FULL bass that I was always missing. For the first time in my life I can hear full orchestral power and fullness with all the delicate highs shining above as well. Blu ray concerts bring all the glory right into my home theater!!!!
Thank you GEt!!!!!
God Bless,
God bless the child that's got his own.
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