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nevets77 Posted 2 months 3 days ago
I wish that were the case. I purchased all of my GE speakers, the Anthem AVM 60 , and the Emotiva amp at the same time. I have yet to run ARC because I was waiting for the speakers to have sufficent break in time and I don't own a PC. Luckily the new ARC software is MAC compatible and I can't wait to hear what it can do. I'm curious what center speaker others were using before GE. I've read plenty of praise from people who own a super centers or upgraded within the GE family but not much about comparisons from their previous brand. I keep wondering if my old Snell was simply more to my liking in some way. Thanks for all the help and suggestions, I'm sure I'll get it dialled in soon enough.
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Moderator Posted 2 months 3 days ago
It is worth noting that the GET center speaker will have much wider horizontal dispersion than the predecessor. This means positioning of the speaker in respect to reflecting surfaces can have a very significant impact on the sound of the SuperCenter, in ways that might not have affected your older center speaker.
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AudioJim Posted 2 months 3 days ago
Hi Steve,

I originally came from an NHT 7.1 system. I can't remember the model but it was the one with the large dome midrange. The center channel had extreme clarity of voices because it seemed to really emphasis the range that our ears are sensitive to. When I got the XXL I noticed the dialog was not as "loud" but voices were much more realistic in their presentation. Kind of like am radio verses cd. Not to say that the NHTs were that bad, they were actually pretty good. However, it was a step function better with the xxl in the realism department even if the dialog was not quite as clear. If you know what I mean.

When I got the GEs I gave the NHT system to my dad who is hard of hearing and it was perfect for him.

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