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Steveo Posted 9 months 4 weeks ago
Hi all
As you may know I am a very happy owner of triton ones and have had them since brand new when they first released in Australia.

I am getting the upgrade bug and was considering the references and the reference center over my xxl.

However, I have noticed with few reviews of the one.R that a few reviewers are mentioning that they prefer the one.R as they bring out the best of both worlds of the one and reference. Best of both worlds being the improved technology, dampening materials, and look of the reference in a smaller form factor t1 size that may be more suitable for more moderate size rooms. Some are even saying the one.R is the pick of the range.

Keep in mind also here in Australia the premium we have to pay is pretty significant. References retail at 17,500 and the one. R at $11,500 aud, and aud to usd is around 70c so the jump up the range is even larger for us Aussies. Bang for buck is always a consideration as well and I find the one. R would fit the bill pretty good there as well.

Does anyone have any comments about this? I live in an apartment and if anything the T1s are already too large for my room so the references will be significantly larger in my space and may be somewhat overpowering for my room. Would you say the one.R is closer in DNA to the reference than it is to the ones? Some reviewers also say that the one.r has resolved some of the compression the ones can sometimes get when pushed hard which is interesting.

In short I don't really need more bass but would like a better midrange and high end which I think the one.Rs might fit the bill. I have heard that the mid range bass is improved as well.

Will the one.R be good enough? Or would it be too much of a side step?

I am also considering the fact that goldenear is designing the digital aktiv and there is a chance we may see a fully active version of the tritons one day. Based on the improvements we have seen from the kef ls50 to the active kef ls50 this would be very interesting to see.

Either way, I am very happy with my current set up and think the t1s are amazing. I think based off reviews and people's feedback here that the reference centre is a no brainier upgrade to my xxl of I decide to get the one. R or reference.

Any help here as always would be fantastic. Any current t1r owners who upgraded from t1s?
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Moderator Posted 9 months 4 weeks ago
I'll leave most comments to the forum members since we at GoldenEar are just a little biased. I will say, though, that the T1.R's DNA is closer to the T-Ref than to the original T1. If you feel your room is already a little small for the T-Refs, the T1.R should make you very happy.
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GDHAL Posted 9 months 3 weeks ago
Hi Steveo.

You raise good questions/concerns. Given you're already a very happy owner of the T1's I don't think you would make a bad decision either way; 1R or TRef. I never heard the 1R but have owned the T1 (which I too was very happy with) and now own the T Ref. Massive difference! In this context the massive difference is in the sound, not the overall footprint of the speaker.

My room is 12ft wide, 32ft long, 8ft feet high ceilings, and the TRefs can produce so much bass I would never have a need for a sub. Also, from what I've read over the years on various forums, many folks claim one should have (for optimum sound) subs in multiples of two (i.e. not just one sub, but two or four). IMO, the TRefs can produce so much base you may find yourself pondering whether you could actually *save* overall space by getting rid of any kind of sub. There truly is that much difference between the T1 and TRef.
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