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rjohn79395 Posted 3 years 1 month ago
I've just started streaming Sony's new format introduced this Fall, and targeted for headphone use primarily. It's intended to create an Atmos like surround sound envelope from 2 channels.

Tidal, Amazon and Deezer are starting to offer playlists and songs for their 16 bit and up customers. The selections are limited still but growing. First impressions on music via headphones: very immersive! I've listened to YouTube demo's also, one a war movie scene scene with shells flying overhead etc. Impressive!

I haven't tried streaming the format to the T Ref's yet to see if it applies at all to stand alone speakers.

Who knows if the format will catch on and grow, but it's an interesting foray into turning 2 channel into surround sound.

Anyone else's experience trying this format?

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