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rayandie Posted 2 weeks 6 days ago
I'm setting up a three channel system based around. a pair of Triton 2+. The system is used for about 95% music and 5% movies but that said I do want the best listening experience I can get out of three channels. My center channel will need to sit in an enclosure above the TV at a height of about 5ft. Any recommendations on whether the Super center XL or the SuperSat 50c would be the better choice. Or is there a better GE option?

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AudioDreamer Posted 2 weeks 3 days ago
For background: I own the Supercenter Reference but have not had experience with the Supercenter XL or SuperSat Series. From what I can gather, the Supercenter XL would give you more full range sound than the 50c (leading to better dialogue reproduction), however placement (any angling down) would likely be more difficult with the SCXL than the 50c just due to size. If you have the expendable cash and want the best sound, I'd go SCXL. The tweeter in the SCXL matches those in your Triton 2's and would provide the most cohesive front soundstage for movies (like when objects pan across the front). If you need ultimate flexibility in mounting and space-saving, I would go 50c. Hope someone who has personal experience with those two products can chime in. Best.
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rjohn79395 Posted 2 weeks 3 days ago
Hi, rayandie, and welcome!

I agree with AudioDreamer about the relative performance of the 50C vs the XL. I have owned, over time, as the newer models were introduced, the SuperSat 50C, then the SuperCenter XL (then the XXL and the Ref). Each step up will give more bass, clarity and direction. The 50C or the XL would blend in well with th T2+'s, but yes every step up in all of he GoldenEar models is truly a new level of sound quality.

I don't know what placement limitations you may have relative to space available, but the SuperCenter speakers can be tilted via the supplied adjustable feet so the tweeters can aim at the listening position, or aftermarket isolation pads are also available to change angles further, as well as provide vibration damping.

So my recommendation would be choosing the best SuperCenter model that fits with your budget and space. My SuperCenter Ref is placed above my listening position, but aimed at ear level, and the sound blends in as though at ear level.

Hope this helps. Happy listening!

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