file Settings for my upgraded T3+, SSXL, FF3 system

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sethdemain Posted 8 months 17 hours ago
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Hi Everybody--

This is my first post, I'm looking for quick recommendation for upgraded system and how to set it up best. I am about 60/40 Shows vs music. I used to have a pair of T7's with SSXL and FF3 with LFE crossed over on my T7's and SSXL per Sandy's recs. I just got a pair of T3+'s and am selling the T7's because I don't have room to keep them as surrounds. But I'm keeping the FF3 and SSXL

I am thinking to use the T3+'s as 'large' without any LFE, and letting the LFE go only to the FF3 to help cover the SSXL lower frequencies as well as the surrounds, which will allow the T3+'s DSP to handle its own base and I'll balance the subwoofer levels on the T3+'s to match the LFE situation with the FF3 (which is in a cabinet and tends to rattle at high loads which is one reason I've moved to the T3+'s).

Is this the right settings situation or should I be running LFE to all three subs (the two in the T'3+'s and the FF3)?

Appreciate any insight you guys have -- I'm pumped because i already love my setup and this should take it to next level. The room is 12' x 18' and carpeted over hardwood.


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Moderator Posted 7 months 3 weeks ago
Hi sethdemain, Your proposed connection method of connecting the Triton 3+ with speaker wire only (and setting your receiver/processor to large front speakers) and connecting the "sub out" or LFE output on your receiver/processor to the ForceField 3 should work well. However, since the cabinet around your ForceField 3 subwoofer tends to rattle at high loads, I'd be inclined to split the subwoofer output (or LFE output) into three cables and connect this LFE signal to each of the Triton 3+s (in addition to the ForceField 3). This way, you could turn volume down a bit on the ForceField 3 (so you'd be less likely to hear cabinet rattle around the ForceField 3). When connecting an LFE signal to the Triton 3+ towers, you could experiment with leaving your front speakers set to large - or setting your front speakers to small (with a crossover around 80hz). Happy Listening!

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