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praljak Posted 8 months 2 weeks ago
Hi all,

I am putting together my home theatre system to install into my new house. So far I have Triton 1 mains, Triton 2 rears, MPX rear surrounds and HTR 7000 Atmos speakers. I have two Rythmic FV18 subs. I am also using an AWOL UST projector which will sit on my TV cabinet.

My question I able to place my Supercentre Reference inside the TV cabinet? With passive radiators on top I am unsure I could place the center speaker inside the cabinet. I am getting the cabinet custom made and can allow space above the speaker.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Triton 1 Mains
Triton 2 surrounds
Supercentre Reference
HTR 7000 Atmos
MPX rear surrounds
Rythmic FV18 x 2
Panasonic UB9000 and Zidoo UHD 3000
Rotel RMB 1585
Anthem AVM 70

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Moderator Posted 8 months 2 weeks ago
Hi praljak, The SuperCenter Reference (and all of the SuperCenter center speakers) will work properly in a cabinet or enclosed area with a clearance of 2 inches to the top of their cabinets. This allow enough clearance for the upward firing bass radiators/passive radiators to properly breathe. If you're able to leave 2 inches clear above the SuperCenter Reference's cabinet, you are in good shape. Happy Listening!

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