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file My SuperCinema setup
hello Recently I set up a SuperCinema 3D Array with SuperSat3 surrounds. Here is a picture of the SuperCinema. It matches my flat panel Samsung...
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heart GoldenEar family pic?
Our Christmas picture this year was like a free ad for GE..includes our latest family member...uhh yes the baby due in May...but also the Triton 2 in...
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I picked up Demo Aon 3s, SuperSat 50C, and SuperSat 3s yesterday. I couldn't wait to get them home. The Aon 3s are unbelievable. I'm driving them...
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I have demo'd the Triton Two's and absolutely loved them. I can't say the same for the SuperSat 50 used as a center. Don't get me wrong it's good but...
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Hi, I'm new to this forum, but have been involved in the A/V business since 1985. The store I work for has been in business since 1954. I wanted to...
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Hi Guys, My Triton Two's are almost a week old. I am so blown away by these speakers. They sound even better than they did when I heard them in the...
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So far, so good. Everything works.
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Triton 2 towers, Sat 50 C , two Sat 50s for L/R surrounds. Anthem MRX 700 receiver. Samsung 55" LCD. Oh my, really exceptional. Bought in early...
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Got my SuperSat 3s mounted for my rear surrounds (come on Goldenear, can't you include the mounting screws?). Must say they look great! Hopefully they...
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