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jackbauer23 Posted 7 years 10 months ago
I've been looking to build a home theatre for a long time, and now I've finally got my chance.

I am having a tough time deciding between the Triton 2, and 3. I'll be using this 95% of the time for movies, and really appreciate speakers that can deliver really clear dialogue, and can have the bass boom when needed.

I'd also love a recommendation between the SuperSat 50 and 60 to be paired with them. Or do I go with SuperCenter?

I'm so confused! Please help!
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WayneWilmeth Posted 7 years 10 months ago
Hey JackBauer23, just one shy of Jack on 24?
Sorry, couldn't resist that.
I am gonna sound like I work for GE with my answer but to me it is really simple. Get the most speaker you can get, even if you have to stretch your budget some. You will never regret it. Whereas, if you buy a Triton 3 when you really needed a Triton 2, then you will regret it. Same with center channel, get the SuperCenter X or XL if you can.
I have the Triton 2s up front and Triton 3s in the rear/sides for surrounds. There is more bass and clarity, more power from the T2s.
For me this is a no brainer. You will have these speakers a VERY long time, and enjoy them for years and years, so get the best you can.
Heck, IF you have the money then audition the Triton Ones.
But I can guarantee you will LOVE the Triton 2s, they are awesome!!!! I have the SC X with them and it is great!!!!
You are in the right place and asking the right questions, enjoy the fun of putting together a killer sound system.
And please report back and tell us what you did an how it sounds.
Happy listening,
God Bless,
God bless the child that's got his own.
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John Shepard Posted 7 years 10 months ago
I couldn't agree more with Wayne. I have a dedicated home theater with triton twos and the supercenter XL. I mainly use it for movies and the tritons really deliver. The tritons do a amazing job with music keeping bass fast and tight. With movies there performance is amazing. I have a 144" ultra wide screen projection system. The triton twos and the supercenter XL deliver 3d imagining like no other. Dialog is deep in my screen with ambient noise floating in the air. Earth shaking bass is no issue for the triton twos. Watching a movies like Pacific Rim I realize just how much bass the tritons can put out. I highly recommend the triton twos for the bass. If you making a dedicated theater for movies I would choose the twos over the threes because the bass with have far more impact. If you can afford the Triton Ones, they would be the BEST!! I've auditioned them, they are wonderful and I will likely upgrade to them. if my wife would let me, I would upgrade. Anyways. anything you get from golden ear you will be happy with. The performance for the dollar can't be matched!!

John Shepard
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anthem Posted 7 years 9 months ago
I've been hearing so much lately about the new GE Supercenter speakers. As you know I have the T2's paired with the SS 60 C, and I've been listening to "Three Arcoss the Front" i missing anything? Are the Super Centers something I can live without or would my world be turned upside down by what they bring to the table? Should I hold on to my cash and buy the wife a nice Christmas present or does one of the SC's have my name on it? My closest dealer is a 800 mile round trip...I'm not traveling 800 miles to listen to a speaker. Has anyone heard both...thoughts? The set-up I have right now sounds pretty dad burn good...would I be like a kid in a candy store if I replaced my SS60C?
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rjohn79395 Posted 7 years 9 months ago
I recently changed from a Supersat 50c to a Supercenter XL...if you have room for a Supercenter, go for it! The Supercenters have such a rich, deep addition to the sound experience that you'll want them part of of your listening experience in any mode, including adding them to stereo (I listen to stereo in either 3 channel (fronts plus center) or enhanced stereo (fronts, center and surrounds)) more than fronts only. I don't quite get why, when we spend so much on center and surround speakers, we think they shouldn't be on in stereo mode, unlike in auto systems, right up to top of the line Mercedes systems, where ALL speakers are utilized to enhance listening. I like to adjust centers and rears so that in my listening position, I can't detect them, but they bring the sound out into the room. I do the same in a car.

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Moderator Posted 7 years 9 months ago
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Depends entirely on how you feel about what comes out of the center, vs. some center channel info directed to the L/R Tritons. The 60C with a 120Hz crossover is virtually the same as a SuperCenter XL with an 80 Hz crossover, except for where the below 120Hz information comes from.... I've setup systems with both and they sound very similar. Generally, if the SuperCenter fits, we suggest that as the preferred choice in a big system. For many, its more about the fit, and the 50C and 60C fit everywhere very nicely, the SuperCenters do not. Remember, the SuperCenters were introduced to mate with the Aons and the Triton Sevens - speakers without the built in powered stereo subs. One last caveat, the SuperCenters will require more power from the center channel amplifier, but will also allow for more headroom in the Triton L/R mains. If you have a big amp, SuperCenters add that advantage, if you have an AVR with a modest amp section (like most), the SuperSat adds the advantage.
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