lock Tweeter Damaged?

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DaveyMac Posted 5 years 3 months ago

Ok so here's picture of tweeter. Hard to tell but you can see plastic is kind of flattened in places.

Again, I cant tell a difference in sound, except if I play music pretty loud, I noticed the speaker is making some distorting sort of sounds. Kind of these thud sounds.

Another odd thing... I pulled down sock of both my speakers and I noticed the damaged one - both of the woofers vibrate, the round part and round rubber, they vibrate so fast it's a blur. This actually to me looks like what a speaker should do. But what is weird, is the other speaker - I'm not seeing it vibrate like this one. It's almost like there is a lot more play in it. And if I put hand in front of damaged one it's like wind is coming off it. No wind off other one.
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Moderator Posted 5 years 3 months ago
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DaveyMac, sorry you damaged your speaker. Sounds like there is a seal issue too (air leak). Put it in your car and take it to your dealer for evaluation and service. Be nice and maybe they'll fix it under warranty. There is nothing the forum can do for you and this topic serves no ongoing purpose. I am going to close it now.
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