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Corey Posted 5 years 7 months ago
My question is how many 15- or 20-amp lines I will need to safely run a home theater system using Triton Ones as my front speakers. I am going to have an electrician install additional lines in my co-op apartment for my kitchen, so want to install all the lines that I need at one time. I am planning on buying the following:

Triton Ones - fronts and sub-woofers
SuperCenter XL or XXL - center
SuperSat 60 - rears
Yamaha RX-A3060

My living room/dining room is 11' x 28' (300 sq. ft.). The TV and the Triton Ones will be placed in front of the 11' wall. I expect the The Triton Ones will be moved forward so that the back of the speakers will be at least 3' from that wall. I will be sitting between 12 and 14' from the wall, and behind me is the dining room area. On the right side is a wall for the entire length (including the front door from 18'-21' from the 11' wall), and on the left side is another wall, and from about 18-21' on that wall is a narrow foyer leading to the rest of the apartment. The ceiling is 8' high.

I will probably be setting the subwoofer switch on the Triton Ones on one of the two lowest settings based on reviews that I have read and the size of my apartment. My listening volume will be moderate to loud, and definitely not blasting (I do have to worry about my neighbors). I will be watching movies with explosions, but will not be listening to any heavy metal music. I have a 65" LED HDTV, so the TV will not be consuming much power.

Any estimates as to the power consumption of the speakers and the receiver will be very welcome.

How do you have your systems plugged in?

1. Can I put the whole system on one 20-amp line?

2. Can I put the whole system on one 15-amp line?

3. Can I put the Triton Ones on one 20-amp line?

4. Can I put the Triton Ones on one 15-amp line?

5. How much power is consumed by the home theater receiver (the sub-woofers would obviously not draw any power from the HTR)?

Your comments will be greatly appreciated.
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GDHAL Posted 5 years 7 months ago
Hey Corey, welcome to the forum and best of luck with the T1s. The manual states Power Requirements/Consumption: Low Voltage Version - 120 V at 50 or 60 Hz / 1600 Watts, High Voltage Version - 240 V at 50 or 60 Hz / 1600 Watts. What is somewhat puzzling to me is this would lead one to believe (by applying ohms law) that they could draw 13 amps. In my opinion they do not draw nearly this much power. I base that on the fact I have both plugged in to a power strip (with its own 15 amp breaker) and that is connected to a wall outlet on a 15 amp breaker, and that circuit is shared with other outlets that I have other equipment connected to. I'll be interested to learn more once the moderator and others chime in on this, but in my view a 15 Amp breaker should suffice, irrespective of your other equipment which I know nothing about. No harm in going with a 20 Amp breaker/lines though. Go by the user manual(s) as they should be your guide.
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rjohn79395 Posted 5 years 7 months ago
Hi, Corey

I have T1's,SCXXL, a Marantz AVR/amp and a NAD amp on one 20 amp circuit, with T2's on a separate 20 amp circuit (they could probably all safely be on the same circuit).

I have had NO problems with overloads.. Even at robust volumes, components do not draw anything close to max rated watts. Short peaks, maybe, but not sustained.

I agree with GDHAL, a 15 amp circuit would probably suffice, and a 20 amp circuit should be just fine.

If you want to do an exercise in total POSSIBLE amp draw, even just peaks, add up the total max watt ratings of all the components you want on the circuit, and divide by the line voltage (I presume it's 110). My components's max theoretical draw (at what insane volume?) does exceed the amp rating of the circuit, but as I said, I have never come close to having a problem. GEt speaker are very efficient. If you wanted to cover the MAX draw in all cases, two 15 or 20 amp circuits would be more than enough, and probably overkill, IMHO.

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T Cobe Posted 5 years 7 months ago

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you've got a good plan going and the Triton Ones are a great place to start. GDHAL is spot on with his comments. Typical power draw will not be much; however, with all of that gear, you could hit some high peaks for high volume playback. If you already have an electrician running a line, I'd have them run a couple of 20 amp outlets. They could actually pull just one wire and give you two 20-amp circuits.

Besides giving you ample power, having separate circuits would allow you to isolate all your gear from other electronics that may potentially introduce noise into your system. I actually ran 4 twenty amp outlets for my theater. 2 of the 20 amp outlets are for my front end and I have my T1s and amps plugged into two of the individual outlets. Everything is dead quiet and there is plenty of power in reserve. The other two outlets supply the remainder of my home theater gear.

If you want your front end clean with minimal wires, a few outlets directly behind where you place the T1s will keep things tidy. Just a couple of thoughts for you. Good luck putting everything together! Let us know how it works out.


T Cobe
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Moderator Posted 5 years 7 months ago
Hi Corey, sorry for the late reply, I was looking for a prior post to reference and can't seem to find it ... wow, there's a lot of posts on this forum now. :woohoo:

Anyway, the answer is that circuit breaker ratings have very little to do with power ratings on audio equipment. The time constant on household circuit breakers is soooo long, in terms of audio amplifier power requirement applications, that the two barely relate at all. So, short answer, a 20 amp circuit will run an entire home A/V system no problem. Add in a projector, you probably need another 15 amp circuit. if you want the long answer, it's in a forum post answer somewhere... :laugh:
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