file Triton Sub Amps Power Consumption Specs?

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HTSME Posted 3 years 4 months ago

Very useful, thanks!

So I guess one could have the T2s along with other devices running another 5 amps on the same 15 amp circuit and still safely pump some heavy EDM (as Wayne likes to do).

True, but what else is on that same circuit. Depending upon the age of your home, the circuit could contain multiple rooms and there could be a TV, lamps, receiver, T2s, Blu-ray player, and who knows what else is running on that circuit. Remember that there are power amps or receivers when pushed will increase their current draw so it could easily hit 10 amps. Have you thought to go around and write down all the watts or each item plugged into that circuit? Then convert watts to amps and see how that compares to 15 amp.

When we first got married my living room and kitchen outlets were on the same circuit. At least the refrigerator was on a different circuit.

Our current home is 15 years old and the basement family room and bar and bedroom are on the same circuit. Now you know why I had a dedicated 20 amp circuit run behind my audio cabinet with an audio quality outlet in the box. My surge protector is plugged into one of the outlets and the other is empty.

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WayneWilmeth Posted 3 years 4 months ago
Well, bsinger, I will sorta take the bait! Ha ha
I do know what EDM is. That is because I was readin' the obit about the famous DJ that recently died young, they said he played EDM and explained what it was.
When you are knockin' on 70 you know way more about obituaries than you do about noisy music!!!! And whenever you read about someone who died that young, you read about it, want to avoid whatever it was that took him too soon.
Seriously, I do have a 20 amp dedicated circuit for my home theater.
I found years ago that fans and even refrigerators introduce too much noise into their circuits, and it gets back to interfere with the music.
And I do play my rock and roll and my classical, especially my movies rather loudly.
Happy listening,
God Bless,
God bless the child that's got his own.
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