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Moderator Posted 2 weeks 3 days ago

Mikey272 wrote: Hello friends, I'm in the process of breaking in my triton 1 r speakers. I'm playing them at a low to mid volume with a speaker burin in cd that makes all kinds of funky sounds. The right speakers blue light is on when playing this disc. The left speakers blue light does not turn on, From what I can gather the speaker is working just not showing of the blue light during play. Is this typical? Is there a reset of some sort I can do to get both blue lights on when speakers are in use. When I plugged in the speaker that does not shine blue when playing, it did go through the 25 or so on off sequence when first attached. Can anyone offer me any insight here? A huge thank you to anyone who can help.
Kind regards,
Mikey dee.

If you turn the volume up, does the light come on? As an aside, we've found break-in to go much faster if you play the speakers pretty hard - but certainly not enough to cause any damage.

Is there live AC power to this speaker?

Can you switch speaker wire right to left and left to right (and unplug LFE if you're using those inputs)? Try that to see if the speaker comes on. Then try reversing the LFE cables if you're using them. We want to see if there is an issue before the speaker.

If the the things above don't help, try unplugging the speaker from AC power and let it sit for an hour or so, then plug it back in and observe if it is going through normal boot-up with the LED flashing for about 20-30 seconds or so. Then play something to see if it behaves normally.
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Mikey272 Posted 2 weeks 3 days ago
Wow, thank you so much guys. Problem solved. I basically did everything you all said. I switched around the cables. unplugged everything for 20 minutes and other things you all mentioned. Reassembled everything and blue lights both show now. Thank you all so much.
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