file Golden Ear Merges With Audioquest

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ArthurDaniels Posted 2 years 7 months ago
My Comments:

I have read Sandy's letter to the GE Dealer Network. Here are my thoughts:

1. It is not a merger. AudioQuest's parent company, The Quest Group, has acquired Golden Ear. AudioQuest is a brand name owned by The Quest Group.

2. GE's founding "Business Management" partner is retiring and, for several years, has urged Sandy to seek a suitable partner or to find an appropriate method to implement new business ownership.

3. The Quest Group is a larger company with greater financial resources and is much better established, particularly in offshore markets, thus opening new sales opportunities for GE products.

4. Sandy has stated that key technical and administrative GE people will remain in place, thus providing continuity for the GE product family.

5. Sandy expects GE to benefit from access to The Quest Group's resources.

6. If there is as much truth as many people believe in the relationship between speakers, speaker cable. and other audio cables, then the integration of the GE and AudioQuest technologies may yield some surprising future beneficial results for audiophiles.

7. Keep in mind that the evolution within the GE speaker line has already resulted in significant feature changes and price increases, particularly over the last several years. At twice the price, is the Triton Reference R really twice as good a speaker as the original Triton One? What innovations will Sandy and Team develop over the next several years and how will they affect prices?

My thought is that the acquisition itself portends nothing. Rather, what follows will determine whether or not The Quest Group's acquisition of Golden Ear will be perceived as harmful or beneficial, both for the existing GE customer base and for potential new GE customers in the future.

Happy Listening,

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Tsgt2007 Posted 2 years 7 months ago
In my opinion it sounds like a great deal, I hope for the best with Sandy working with Audioquest.
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