file New TRefs - Do I have an electronics issue, or is it the song?

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Steveo Posted 2 years 8 months ago
Moot point now but I have some references and will take a listen. However I will say, no offense to Moby as it's a fantastic album, however the recording quality is pretty awful on "Play". I didn't realise that until I got my T1s. I then listened to it on my then newly acquired headphone setup and heard the same thing.

It's a great album and upon reflection I didn't remember how many hits he had on the album as I hadn't heard it in years. I had never heard it on a good system before and realised it wasn't a hifi recording by any stretch. I believe he went back and remastered and re recorded it recently as he recorded this at home (I think) and to me it really shows.

The thing I most like about the tritons in general is they seem to make everything sound better. They are transparent and revealing but they also seem to enhance recording to the point where a majority of my stuff sounds much better through them. Sometimes with audiophile speakers they make good recordings sound amazing and bad recording sound awful. Not so much with the tritons. They make good recording sound incredible and bad recording sound suprisingly good,or better than they should. Mobys play is one exception to this which is why it was so jarring to me when I heard it and obviously to you too.

Just my two cents
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rjohn79395 Posted 2 years 8 months ago
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A little late to this interchange, but a great discussion! Thanks all for the many perspectives.

My personal experience with the T Ref's after having first T2's then T1's then the Ref's as fronts: I got the T2's because they blew anything I'd heard to date. Then the T1's came along, and the same experience. Then, the T Ref's arrived. For the first time ever, I ordered them without an audition.

Got those rascals home and installed, and started playing stuff I knew well. Such added detail, dynamics, well, goosebumps! Yes, little non musical details can also appear, but I totally agree with others’ comments that GEt speakers make most anything sound better! And the better the feed, the more pronounced the uptick. I often hear something new on other platforms, find same to stream to the GEt's and get blown away with how much more alive the music sounds.

Thanks for starting this thread, Josh!

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