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PeterW Posted 1 month 4 weeks ago

I have recently purchased a used pair of Triton 2's online from a dealer in NSW Australia (I live in Tasmania, Australia). When I initially set them up I could hear a bass hum in the right speaker and after checking your forums discovered that it might have been due to it being close to a modem / router. I have now moved the speakers well away from the modem / router, but still have a low level bass hum in the right speaker. It increases when I turn the bass dial on the back of the speaker to the maximum setting. I don't believe it is my other hi fi components causing the problem, as the speaker hums even with them all turned off.

Do you think it might be the subwoofer amplifier in the speaker or the bass dial which might be causing the problem? I am otherwise very happy with them. I also noticed that there do not seem to be serial numbers on the back of either speaker - do you know why this might be the case?



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charliehatch Posted 1 month 4 weeks ago
Hi PeterW!

I have experienced intermittent low frequency rumble noise from my right TRef that sounds somewhat like distant thunder when it happens. I have finally figured out it's probably coming from my wifi system. Most of the time it isn't there at all, but it is more likely to show up after I reboot my entire system. Then, after a while, it fades out and stays away. I'm very happy for that! :)

Is the hum you are hearing at powerline frequency? If so, I think one possibility is you may have a ground loop that is causing powerline frequency noise to get into the sub amp. You might try listening to the hum while you pull the power plug out of the back of the speaker. The sub amp usually stays on for fifteen or twenty seconds or so. If the hum goes away immediately when you pull the power, this could be a ground loop. You might try using a different power outlet or power circuit and see if that helps. Check also if your power cable passes near any other power equipment and try rerouting it.

Good Luck!

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Moderator Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago

If there is a router near the speaker you might trying turning it off to see what happens. Usually moving the router a couple of feet will do the trick.

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