file Are TRef’s at risk with a 50W amp?

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KidCactus Posted 4 months 3 weeks ago
Hi all,

Just purchased my first GE’s, and went with the Refs! First of all, WOW! This was a huge upgrade for me and I’m doubting I’ll ever be interested in another pair of speakers.

My question is this: am I risking any damage powering them with only 50W into 8 ohms (SimAudio Moon Ace Integrated Amp)? I know they have phenomenal efficiency, but I also like to play a little louder, or turn up my music so I can hear the music while I’m cooking in the kitchen a room over for example. I’m about a week in and haven’t heard any clipping but also really haven’t tested any loud volumes. I know 50W is on the lower end of their rating so just trying to understand if it would be safe to upgrade amplification at this point. Also and break in advice would be helpful!

Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to being a member of the GE community!

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Moderator Posted 4 months 3 weeks ago
Hi KidCactus, The real questions become...Is a 50 watt per channel integrated amplifier capable of cleanly playing loud enough for your listening tastes? The risk of damaging your loudspeakers involves pushing a 50 watt per channel amplifier louder or harder than it's capable of cleanly playing. When this happens, the amplifier produces distortion or clipping - and this can be harmful to your loudspeakers. If you play your system loudly - to the point where it sounds hard, gritty, or distorted, that's your cue to turn the volume down. If you reach this point regularly, you might consider upgrading to a more powerful amplifier.

The real key is to stay within the limits of what your 50 watt per channel amplifier is capable of cleanly reproducing. Most listeners would say a quality 50 watt per channel amplifier is capable of playing at a moderately loud listening volume. If you like to listen to your system at "top volumes", you might consider using a more powerful amplifier.

After 50-60 hours of moderately loud playing, your loudspeakers will break-in, and the suspensions on the speaker cones will loosen up a bit. When this happens, your towers will sound richer, fuller and more open (or 3-dimensional). The bass response will also become a bit fuller and will extend lower in frequency. All this happens naturally - after 50-60 hours of moderately loud playing. You really do not have to do anything special while breaking in your towers. Just be aware they'll sound better after they're broken-in. Happy Listening!
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