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gd232 Posted 1 month 1 week ago
have a peachtree nova150 driving my Trefs and wanted to see if there's any point in upgrading from the current 150wpc. My couch is less than 10 feet from the speakers and I essentially never get peak loudness at the couch above 90-95 on my loudest music. Is there any point in upgrading to 300-500 wpc given that this amp should be able to produce something like 110db?

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Moderator Posted 1 month 1 week ago
Hi gd232, First, the Peachtree Audio nova 150 is a fine amplifier, and should do a great job driving the Triton References. Next, given your listening habits, I would not be inclined to upgrade to a more powerful amplifier. It doesn't sound like a more powerful amplifier would be needed. When looking to upgrade your system, you might consider upgrading to a higher quality amplifier, though. (This may or or may not end up being a more powerful amplifier.) There are some fine amplifiers on the market, however, the question becomes...Is the improvement in sound quality worth the additional cost? The answer would be a judgement call. If you're a critical listener and you'd like to extract the most from your Triton References, I'd say a better quality amplifier would be worth the additional cost.

Since all amplifiers have their own character, (and every listener's preference is not the same), recommending specific amplifiers can be tricky. (You'll certainly get varied opinions on what amplifier to choose.) High quality amplifier manufacturers would include Peachtree, Parasound, Cambridge Audio, Bryston, Mark Levinson, Krell, Pass Labs, Hegel, and McIntosh. (This would not be an exhaustive list, either.)
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