question-circle Can the Triton Reference be used without the base?

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GDHAL Posted 10 months 2 days ago
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Interesting! And very nice looking setup. Knowing what I know now, and prior to my original post in this thread, I have a suggestion.... Add some type of isolation pad underneath the speaker... it won't (if you do it right) increase the footprint as you can custom fit it.. Best of luck to you!

EDIT... Another suggestion... It looks like you have another set of speakers right next to the tritons... If you can move those back a bit and give the passive radiators more breathing room, that too may prove beneficial.
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Rippedgeek Posted 10 months 2 days ago
Thanks, I have actually attached a half-inch thick foam strip to all the bottom parts of the speaker that would have touched the ground, so it's nicely isolated from the ground. I did test the sound reproduction on and off the stands using music that I'm very familiar with, and could hear no noticeable differences off the stands.
I use the T-Refs in full range mode and use the SVS Subs for movie/LFE only. I had the SVS subs against my back walls, but much prefer them where they are now, and the difference in sound in the T-Refs was minimal again. I'm somewhat limited in space for the time being, so don't have much room for adjustment at present.

Thanks for the suggestions, they're very much appreciated. I might

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