file Replacement Part for Triton 2

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GDHAL Posted 8 months 3 days ago
Why wait a week? I'd call them immediately.

In terms of cost of the part, you can call Golden Ear and order it directly from them. They may even give it to you for free.

In terms of the labor I would highly recommend that you have one other person in addition to yourself perform the work. So in that sense, working with the dealer would probably be best.

I recently had experience replacing the tweeters in both of my TRefs. I would surmise you'll run into the same difficulty with your T2s that I had with my TRefs.

The replacement is stymied by the fact that there's not enough slack in the wiring to make the connection to the new Tweeter. In order to get around this problem, the driver immediately below the Tweeter needed to be removed in order to pull the wiring in order to gain enough slack at the Tweeter position. You cannot (or at least I couldn't) directly pull the wiring at the Tweeter without tearing it or pulling it off of the main board that it's connected to.

The moral of the story is the replacement needs to be performed delicately and with surgical precision.
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twotooneadam12 Posted 8 months 2 days ago
Only reason I am waiting is work…..on an 8 day stretch and want to be rested before I call.

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