file Reference or 1.R, plus a center, etc: Anthem AVR or Arcam or...?

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eieio Posted 6 months 1 week ago
Hi All:

new here on GoldenEar. i'm moving and my new home can accommodate either the Reference or 1.R, plus center, etc.

previously, in my current home, i've been using Denon AVRs and before that, Onkyo AVRs. unfortunately, my audiophile hobby had to take a break of a number of years at my current home due to the need to have in-wall speakers. however, in the new place, i may have either the References or the 1.Rs, a center, etc.

Question please: i read that Arcam AVRs can have firmware bugs and all sorts of issues. it seems as though the Anthem AVRs have fewer problems. if it were Anthem, i'd get either the 740 or the 1140 (both now with the recent 8K update). some say that the Arcams are even one step above the Anthems.

certainly, i don't want bugs and bricked AVRs! still, we all know anyone can post anything online, so who knows if the bricked or problematic Arcam AVR posts are true or not?

may i please ask for advice on which AVR i ought to get please? the room size is substantial, however, the AVR is merely driving two midranges and one ribbon tweeter! surely, that can't be THAT demanding, right?

i'm open to a variety of suggestions for AVRs but i would like something that is current, i.e. not already dated, so that there is a good chance i may use it for a good number of years without needing to replace the AVR soon.

thank you all in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

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GDHAL Posted 6 months 1 week ago
Hi eieio. Welcome to the GE forum. :)

I have no experience with AVR equipment. Having stated that I doubt you would have any issues with either the Anthem or Arcam.

Besides checking the forums and internet in general for reviews, etc. , talk to the dealer and if possible, call/email the tech support of those companies and pose your concerns.

Also, if your purchasing new, consider the warranty of both units.

Not sure how many channels you're ultimately wanting as that too can guide your decision.

As to the speakers, if you can afford the TRef I don't see why you wouldn't get that instead of the 1R. You could add a sub (center channel) later. You may find you don't need one as the Triton subwoofers are rather powerful. Also I doubt you would get any kind of pricing discount if all were purchased together.

The Triton's only have one HVFR tweeter. Just my opinion of course but to much bass and you'll overwhelm your top end. A carefully treated and thought out room can help alleviate that though.

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