file Lyngdorf RoomPerfect with Triton R/1/2/3 (2 channel only)

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RBeddow Posted 4 months 3 weeks ago
Hi All,
I have a Lyngdorf 1120 amp with RoomPefect software. Within the DSP there is a high pass and low pass filter, high pass feeding high level speaker outs, and low pass feeding sub out RCA. I'm wondering if there is a way to connect Triton R/1/2/3 speakers? The Triton manual says the LFE connection should not be used to feed bass as this will result in a bloated low end. However, if the high-level speaker outputs are fed via a high pass filter (nothing below 60hz), is connecting the amp sub-out to the LFE on the Triton a viable configuration? Has anyone integrated Triton speakers with Lyngdorf amps running RoomPerfect?

Thanks in advance,


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Moderator Posted 4 months 3 weeks ago
Hi RBeddow, I haven't personally used the Triton Towers with a Lyngdorf 1120 amplifier (with the RoomPerfect software), however, I believe you're asking if you should engage the amplifier's high pass filter with the regular speaker wire outputs on your amplifier. If we engage this high pass filter, we're really setting the speakers to "small".

When connecting the "sub out connection" on your amplifier to the LFE inputs on the towers, I would recommend setting the towers to large or full band - not engaging the amplifier's high pass filter....I would then set the Low Pass crossover (on the amplifier's subwoofer output) to 60hz or 80hz. This way, the towers will receive a full range signal through the speaker wire connections and an LFE signal below 60hz or 80hz through the LFE cable. The towers are designed to combine or sum together the bass signals they receive from the speaker wire connections with the bass they receive from the LFE connections. Basically, the towers will play any (and all) bass signals they receive. This way, when there is no LFE signal present, the towers will behave like large, full range speakers. When an LFE signal is present, the towers will still behave like large, full range speakers - however, they will also play the LFE signal (below 60hz or 80hz) in addition to the full range bass signals the towers receive through the regular speaker wire connections. Happy Listening!

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