exclamation-circle Don’t tilt your tritons too much!

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odedia Posted 1 month 1 week ago
Just some personal experience - I’ve had the triton reference for around a week now. I liked how they sounded but didn’t feel I have that 3D, centered effect.
Today I watched a few videos from PS Audio and in all of them the speakers were completely parallel to each other.
However I do remember that Sandy always recommended to tilt them inward.
I guess I was tilting mine wayyy too much. I now have just a slight tilt inward, I’d say about 5 degrees. The sounds stage is like a totally different speaker. It’s unbelievable!
I can hear Freddie Mercury standing in the middle of my living room singing.

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GDHAL Posted 1 month 1 week ago
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odedia, you had me scared there for a moment. By reading the title I got the impression your speaker fell over.

"Tilting" is different than what you've done. You've "toed" your speakers. Tilting is what some people do in order to aim the driver's upward or downward, essentially raising the back or the front of the speaker from its base.


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