compress Upgrading soon... Need some advise.

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WayneWilmeth Posted 5 years 1 month ago
Thanks Mantrass,
I am carving a bird that I have been watching..... Oh, sorry, that was Thanksgiving. ha ha
But YES, this can get to be an expensive hobby. That is a MAIN reason I am here, GET provides incredible value for $ to me.
I could not have half this system quality if not for them!!!!
Sorry you have to wait for your T7s, but good things are worth the wait.
I am very happy for you that the Aons are working out! I really enjoyed your comment about hearing things on them that you did not know was on the disc.
As to your question, you know what opinions are worth and how everybody has one. I would try the amp. IF you are using the same DAC, then the Wadia transport will not make that much difference, IMHO. The Rega Planet, only IF you have a LOT of LPs that are in great shape and you have no family so you can actually keep them in great shape. The amp would be your best bet, I would think, IF it is in great condition. AND, at that price, IF you cannot hear any difference with it, then you can turn around and sell it for the same price and go buy those CDs.
Can't you arrange to pass through your TV signal so that when watching TV and you don't need good sound, you can just use the TV built in speakers?
Well, actually I can't do that either without getting an HDMI splitter of some sort. Which I don't want to do. And I have been quite pleasantly surprised how get the TV sounds using DTS Neo 6 fake surround, especially when watching football games, it puts the crowd noise in the surround speakers, feels a little like being in the stadium.
OK, I will hush.
Wish I could help more.
But enjoy the struggle, it is worth it.
God Bless,
God bless the child that's got his own.
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Mantrass Posted 5 years 1 month ago
You make me laugh :lol:

I too think the amp option would be the best alternative.... But then, it also present so many more questions that, at the end of the day, takes us to: are the trade ofs really worth it?

Hmmmm.... Damn you brain!!!

Why wasn't I born slightly more impulsive? :S

I think I'll save my money for the time being.... Enjoy the new system and, specially, the music....

Ohhhh the music.... If only great bands would come up as often as great equipment do...

(By the way... When I mentioned the Rega... I was referring to the top loading cd player... I don't see myself buying vinyl any time soon)

By the way II: the speakers on my TV are not even broken in... I've been using the full set up for years... And got so used to it that I wouldn't be able to go back... Therefore, another reason not to have a monster amp in an every day system.... :)
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