file Triton 2 vs Triton 5 + Subwoofer & other HT advice

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grocerylist Posted 4 years 7 months ago

I'm about to upgrade my HT system, I have a room that is ~ 8' x 17' x 30' in my finished daylight basement (drywalled with wood floors), which connects to another room of similar size. For my AVR I'm considering either the new Cambridge CX200/120 or the Anthem MRX-710.

This room will mostly be used for movies but I'd like to listen to music also. For my center channel I'll go with the SuperCenter XL. I'm trying to decide on what Tritons to go with for my fronts... Is it really possible to go with Triton 2 and no subwoofer? What's the realistic fq range on the Triton 2 (I've read that the GoldenEar stated fq range is exaggerated quite a bit?) and how important is it for movies that I have good sound levels in the 20-30Hz range? or would it be better to go Triton 5 with a separate subwoofer?

I'm also wondering whether to go for SuperSat 3/50/60 vs Aon 2/3? The SuperSat route might work best so I can wall mount, but will I be able to get the SuperSat levels to match well with Triton 2 up front?

Can you offer me any suggestions/recommendations?

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T Cobe Posted 4 years 7 months ago

Welcome to the forum! Some good questions. I'll attempt to address a few now and will get back to you again tomorrow.

T2s and T1s both have great frequency response and play down into the 20 to 30 Hz range. Stereophile and Sound & Vision have the test measurement for frequency response that illustrate this point. Satisfaction for home theater depends on many factors and I'll elaborate more on this later when I have more time and have composed my thoughts.

I would encourage you to go with the Anthem 710. Anthem is a great brand, as is Cambridge, and they have great room correction. That is an important feature and may pay dividends in your basement set up.

In terms of surrounds, no matter how good the SuperSats are, I've never heard a lifestyle speaker that I would choose over the same brands bookshelf or tower offerings. GET is no different. The Aons are GREAT speakers and they can be wall mounted or placed on stands. With the advent of directional sound and increased energy from surround speakers with Atmos sound tracks, I believe selecting more powerful and dynamic surrounds will pay dividends.

That's my 2 cents for now. Hopefully some others will chime in on their results and preferences. No matter what I or anybody else says, go out to the dealer and listen for yourself first hand. None of us have your ears or listening preferences. GET has some great products and offers a wide variety of solutions at very reasonable prices.


T Cobe
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