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ArthurDaniels Posted 4 years 3 months ago
Umer: Look carefully at Page 67 in your Yamaha Manual. This page explains the choices available for setting up your speakers and sub woofer for both LFE signals and analog low frequency signals. The manual is not particularly well-written (not the best English) but you can figure things out with patient study.

An important point to understand is that LFE signals refers to bass signals present when you are playing multi-channel program sources such as movies or music DVDs. Low Frequency Signals are the analog bass signals present when you listen to two-channel sources (stereo CDs, LPs, etc.)

For example, if you want analog bass signals from just your subwoofer during CD playback, set your Triton Seven Fronts to SMALL and choose the SWFR option. If you want LF sounds from both your Triton Sevens and your sub, set your Tritons to LARGE and choose the BOTH option.

By varying the crossover frequency, you can alter the blend between the bass coming from the sub and the bass coming from the Triton Sevens if the Sevens are set to LARGE and you have chosen the BOTH option.

If you set the Sevens to SMALL and choose the SWFR option, you should have analog bass from your sub during Pure Direct listening. Check it out.

My recommendation is to try the various setting combinations with both music and movies and settle on the one which provides the best sound to your ears.

I own a pair of Triton Sevens and a pair of Triton Ones. Before I purchased my Ones, my Sevens were my Front speakers. When my Sevens were Fronts, I had them set to LARGE and had my subwoofer active for both analog and LFE bass. I set all my speaker crossovers to 80 HZ (Sandy Gross recommends 100 Hz for the Sevens I believe). To my ears, the 80 Hz setting provided the best blend of bass coming from both my Sevens and my Paradigm Subwoofer.

Keep playing with the options - you will find the one you like best.

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