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Hello, I am looking to buy used SuperSat 50's....L/C/R...only those in solid condition please.
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Looking for well-take-care-of SuperSat50c. Been watching the market closely and nice versions used are going in the $200-$300 range. If interested in...
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Looking to purchase a Supersub XXL to go with my Triton 1's. Willing to drive a fair distance or pay for shipping. Please contact me!
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I am looking for a pair of Triton Reference speakers. I am located in the Omaha metro area. I would be willing to drive a reasonable distance, or...
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im looking to buy 3 HTR7000 ceiling speakers for a l/c/r in ceiling setup. If anyone has any openbox/used ones they are willing sell please let me...
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Looking to buy a pair of supersat 3s. -Michael
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SuperCinema 3D Array XL And HTR 7000
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I bought my Supersat 3’s second hand and they didn’t come with any table top stands. I know most people mount them or use floor stands, so I’d...
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I am open to shipping if need be. I have Triton Ones and a Supercenter XXL presently. So I am vefy familiar with them.
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Looking to install a new system with the SuperSat 60 and 60C as my LCR.
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file Supercenter Xs Wanted
I know many of you are building bigger, got something new at the holidays, etc. and have a base model Supercenter X around that you don’t need any...
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Looking to buy a pair of these. Please message if you are considering selling yours
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Greetings all, Looking to try different configurations for side and ceiling speakers. I would just like to put out an expression of interest to any...
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Looking for 3+ and XL Center shipping Ok or pick up near Philly ideal !
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Interested in purchasing two towers, center channel, and a receiver but will consider anything that is priced competitively. I currently have a...
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Looking to finish out a system of 2- Aon 3's and one HTR7000 (with no sister/brother speaker to finish rear surround.) Please help me finish out my...
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Hello,am in Baltimore are, trying to get 5.1 surround system, looking to buy Front ,Center,Rear speakers. Thank you!
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Hi. Looking for these speakers. Reference will need to be from Australia due to the powered section
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Hello, I'm looking for some HTR 7000's or a Supercinema 3D Array. If anyone has any for sale please contact.
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I need a Super Center XXL. Upgrading from XL , Hawaii area , Thank you
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