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jackiemonk Posted 11 months 1 hour ago

Hi everyone. I'd like to solicit some feedback please from my GoldenEar phriends.

If GoldenEar manufactured noise cancelling headphones, I wouldn't make this post as it would a no brainer I'd just buy it. Seeing that they don't I have some questions.

Do noise cancelling headphones "work". Meaning can they effectively reduce or eliminate external noise?

What brand(s) is recommended? Assume very good quality, not necessarily a reference pair.

Does the blue tooth wireless option "work" as good or better than wired? I have one headphone jack out of my Oppo UDP205. I'm wanting something that can be used sparingly when my Triton Reference's are asleep late at night or asleep because an air conditioner is running and is too loud.

Thanks everyone.

I am personally using Logitech G430 and Mixcder E9 headset for my personal use specifically for conference calls and I would recommend you to use this because it is a very good option instead of the handfrees, earbuds and It is quite affordable. They are one of the best noise cancelling headsets. I would recommend you to buy them online from Amazon.
If you are more comfortable with earbuds, I would recommend you to use Jaybird vista wireless bluetooth earphones for iphone and android, They are very grippy and noise cancelling and work on both android and iphones.

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