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Looking to finish out a system of 2- Aon 3's and one HTR7000 (with no sister/brother speaker to finish rear surround.) Please help me finish out my...
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Hello,am in Baltimore are, trying to get 5.1 surround system, looking to buy Front ,Center,Rear speakers. Thank you!
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Hi. Looking for these speakers. Reference will need to be from Australia due to the powered section
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Hello, I'm looking for some HTR 7000's or a Supercinema 3D Array. If anyone has any for sale please contact.
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I need a Super Center XXL. Upgrading from XL , Hawaii area , Thank you
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Will pick up in or around Orlando, Florida. Wanted refurbished or used (but in excellent condition) a pair of Triton One.R speakers and a SuperCenter Reference speaker.
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Looking for (2) Super Sat 3’s for LS and RS. Thanks!
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Looking for a SuperSat 50C. I live in Toronto / Canada hence Canadian sellers preferred - especially given the CA/US exchange rate :) Thanks for reading, - George
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Looking for a pair of Triton 1s...live in Pittsburgh area
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T2+ or T1. I'm in Michigan, but I travel a lot, so even a few states away may be convenient for audition/pickup. (edited) I suppose I should add...
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Title says it all. Perhaps some of yall looking to upgrade to the monsters are considering parting with the ones? thanks in advance
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Looking for a pair of used Triton 2+ , supersub X and supercenterXL. I live in DFW metro area. Please get in touch with me if you are selling any of...
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Looking for a pair of HTR7000’s for rear surrounds to replace Super Sat 3’s.
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Looking for a single Super Sat 50.
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Looking for a couple of SuperSat 3s to use as the Atmos speakers in my set up. I am in Phoenix, AZ. Thanks
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I need a Super Center XXL. Upgrading from XL and Triton Two. Tampa area.
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I'm looking for a Supercenter XXL to go with my golden ear references if you're interested in selling please inform me I want to try here before I order a new one
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Located in Hampton VA.
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Looking for a supercenter xl in San Diego please email
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Building a new system and looking for: Used: T2 or T2+'s. New or Used: Supercenter XL or XXL 2 surrounds and 2 rears 2 or 4 HTR 7000's (or 650's)...
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