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Please respond to thread or PM if you happen to see / have a SuperCenter XL or XXL and/or some Invisa series speakers for sale. Thanks!
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Hey I am interested in a pair of triton five or triton seven floor speakers. I am located in NY and can pay via cash or paypal. If you have them...
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I am looking for a SuperCenter XXL and would replace it with (sell) my SuperSat 60C Center
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Will pay reasonable amount, need to be in good condition.
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Looking to pay $250 for a used Supersat 50/c either one will do. Please contact me at if you have any that you would part with. Thanks
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I'm looking for the titled soundbar, used in perfect condition. Please reply or PM if you have one. Thanks
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I'm switching out my current HT for my new house over to a GoldenEar build. I need the following items & quantity if you have them. Item # Invisa...
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Looking to pick up a SuperCenter XXL. I just purchased a pair of Triton One's and my old infinity Beta 360C, as good as it is...is not match.
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Looking to buy either a pair of Triton 7s or 5s, Invia 650s, and a SC XXL or XL.
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Hello, Looking to purchase a pair of SuperSat 3's. If you have a pair and are looking to sell please let me know. Thanks!
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Wanted SuperCenter XL and T7's or XXL if good price. Also will consider Aon 3's Near Charlotte NC or willing to ship.
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I am putting together a new system (for me) from scratch and love the GoldenEar speakers I have heard so far. I'm looking to get either a SuperSat 60C...
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Hello. Anybody here in the forum has a "used" supercinema 3d array x for sale? Kindly respond with condition, price including shipment to Wilmette...
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looking for a pair of supersat 3. Shoot me your offers! EDIT: Found near-mint pair of supertsat3's.
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I'm in the Chicago area if local pickup is an option, else shipping is good.
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I'm expanding my system and am in the hunt for several SS3's. I need a total of 6, one of which should be a 3C. Anyone out there upgrading and want to...
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Looking for a pair of used Triton Sevens's in mint condition. Also would like a Super Center X . I'm in the Sacramento, CA area. I can send Fedex...
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hey iam looking for ANY goldenear floor standing speakers and Super Sat 3 ( 2x ) i live in New Zealand but i dont mind to have them shipped :)...
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Looking for a set of Triton 2's, maybe 1's if the price is right.
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I have Triton 2's and love them. But if a used set of T1s become available, especially anywhere near my location (Chicago), within 300 miles or so,...
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