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I am looking to buy either of these to complete my 7.1 home theater set up. please message me with info, I am willing to travel and meet to pick them...
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Looking for a pair of used Triton One's in mint condition. Also would like a Super Center X or XL. I'm in the Atlanta, Ga area, and would be willing...
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Must be in excellent/mint condition from a smoke free home and willing to ship to or meet near Cincinnati Ohio. Thanks!
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I'm just building a small 2.0 system to hook up to a new record played for use in a small room and I've fallen in love with the sound of the Aon 2s...
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Greetings all, I would just like to put out an expression of interest to any potential sellers as I would like to purchase any of the following: -...
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Looking for a used SuperCenter X or XL and located near Portland, Oregon.
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I found a set and bought them. Love them.
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I am looking to add another FF4 to my system. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. Please send email to Thanks
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Is there anyone a selling or know anyone selling a SuperCenter XL? Please email me at Thank you!
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With the XL on the horizon (June), I imagine many people with huge HDTVs will want to upgrade to the SC3DA-XL. The standard SC3DA fits my 55"...
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If anyone is willing to part with their pair of Aon 2 or Aon 3 for a reasonable price let me know. Trying to phase out my yamaha system right now and...
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